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Welcome to Car Gas Point

Leaders and pioneers
Happy and growing customer base of over 3000
ISO 9001:2015 certified
Internationally-trained and highly qualified staff
World-class CNG auto-gas kits
Distributors of Best Prins (The Netherlands)

Benefits Of CNG


  • Significant cost saving
  • A viable alternative to traditional fuels
  • CNG costs about a third of the cost of petrol
  • Reduced maintenance cost – no lead deposition – extended spark plug life
  • Does not dilute hence no contamination or adulteration is possible
  • Longer intervals for oil changes and tune-ups
  • Overall, extends the life of engine


  • Low carbon contents make combustion of CNG a cleaner process than that of petroleum based products
  • Cleanest burning transportation fuel
  • Low in pollutants than petrol
  • Fewest emissions of all fuels
  • Cars running on CNG produce 25% lesser greenhouse gases – major contributor to global warming
  • High in calorific value


  • Available in abundance
  • Domestically produced


  • CNG storage tanks are generally stronger than that of petrol.
  • CNG is lighter than air. In case of release, CNG disperses quickly into the air unlike liquid fuels that stay on the ground.
  • Therefore, reduced risk of fire and ground contamination.


Incepted in 2005, we’re leading importers, traders, and installers of the world-class CNG auto-gas kits. We’ve been pioneers and leaders in the field of alternate fuels for automobiles and have successfully established a strong and growing customer base. Proud bearers of the quality trust mark – ISO 9001:2015, our internationally-trained staff installs CNG kits in your car with utmost care and safety, making use of the state-of-the art software to map petrol performance parameters to CNG thereby ensuring a smooth and secure drive always. We provide guaranteed complain-free CNG kit installations.

We only trade in equipment approved by ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India) and our retrofitment center is authorized by RTO (Road Transport Office). We’re also the distributors of Best Prins (The Netherlands) in India. We will exceed your expectations with our premium kits and friendly service. 


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