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Meet The Founders

Shital Adwani

Mr. Shital Adwani pioneered the LPG powered vehicle systems in Pune over 2 decades ago and stands tall as an industry leader till date. Since his first LPG kit installation in 1997, Mr. Adwani has spent most of his time and expertise in researching and innovating the application of alternative fuel kits in automobiles. From using manual kits in the initial years, he kept himself updated of innovations at an international level of standards in the industry and hence went for trainings to Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, and South Africa to introduce newer and transformed kits called sequential kits that are software-tuned kits. Closely following up with industry trends across Europe and developed nations, he constantly updated his products and expertise to provide the best driving experience for clean fuel users. Mr. Adwani enrolled in the LP Gas Safety Association of South Africa to undergo specialised training and complete several certification programs.

Hitesh Adwani

Mr. Hitesh Adwani has been the pillar of the industry revolution. Having converted a car to an alternative fuel all by himself at an age of 15 only shows his keen interest and understanding in the field. A motivation carried forward from his father, he has become an integral part of the business for many years now. Embracing innovative and new age technology, taking an innovative approach, enrolled into University of Ulster in Northern Ireland to learn about the break-through in alternative fuels world – Hydrogen Fuel- cell technology. Having a broader approach in the industry he has been the youngest and the first engineer to use software-tuned kits in India. He attended trainings with his father in Italy and The Netherlands.

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