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Core Part Cng Kit

CNG Pressure Regulator with built-in solenoid valve

It reduces the pressure of CNG from the CNG tank and passes it to the CNG injector rail at a constant pressure of 2 bars. The pressure output from the CNG Pressure Regulator remains same in all conditions of temperature and tank pressure.

CNG Tank

It’s a storage container for CNG. These tanks are tested at 340 bars. Whereas, CNG’s working pressure is 200 bars. There are various sizes of tanks available.

The details of tank are embossed on the tank. It includes tank serial number, manufacturing month and year, water capacity, weight, etc.

Tank Size (water capacity) CNG (in kg) Tare Weight (in kg)
60 liter 9* 69*
65 liter 10* 72*
Values marked with an asterisk are approximate values.


As per the Department of Explosives (DoE), Government of India, CNG tank must be re-tested after 3 years starting from the date of manufacturing. The life of the tank is 20 years from the date of manufacturing.

CNG excess flow auto cut-off tank valve

It is mounted on the tank. It cuts-off the gas flow automatically in case of excess flow or accident. It also has a manual shut off valve, which can be used in case of emergencies.

Fuel Change-Over Switch

It is an electronic switch used to convert from petrol to gas and vice-versa. You can switch between fuels while running the car.

Your car always starts on petrol first and it automatically switches to gas when the following conditions are met:

  • Engine temperature is 30 degrees and above.
  • Engine RPM is 1500 and above.

Timing Advance Processor (TAP)

It is an electronic module that advances the spark timing of the engine when running on CNG for an optimized power output.

CNG Injector Rail

For a three cylinder engine, a three piston injector rail is fitted. For a four cylinder engine, a four piston injector rail is fitted.

The CNG Injector Rail feeds gas to the engine.

Filling valve

It is a valve mounted under the hood and is used to fill CNG in the tank.

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

It is a microprocessor based gas injection controller. The device controls gas injection on the basis of sequential petrol injection.

To convert an injection engine from petrol to CNG it is necessary to use a second electronic control unit alongside the original ECU. ECU manages the alternative fuel supply, optimizing engine performance and subsequent emissions.

CNG high-pressure pipe

It is a 6 mm (OD) steel pipe that carries CNG from the tank to the engine. It runs through the tank to the engine underneath the car in parallel with petrol fuel line and brake pipe.

CNG level gauge

It is an analog gauge mounted on top of the CNG Pressure Regulator that shows the CNG quantity available in the tank. This gauge also helps the switch display the level indication of CNG in the tank.

When CNG tank is completely filled, the gauge shows 220 bars.

Compliance Plate

It is a metal plate containing CNG kit details, like, CNG tank number, date of installation, tank capacity, tank renewal date, etc. According to the Government norms, it is mandatory for the car owners to have this plate in order to fill CNG. It is fitted near the CNG filling valve.

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